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Coach Tan Leather Hobo

Bag Details

Style: Hobo
Brand: Other
Colour: Tan
Material: Leather
Condition: Used
Will swap for: Leather Designer Bag
Posted By: margienjoe
Date: 30/01/2014 23:19:31


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COACH Caramel Tan Leather Ergo Hobo Shoulder Bag Buttery Glove Leather Coach is known for Contrast stitching Brass hardware Single strap Zipper pull- leather Zipper closure Hangtag present- leather Interior is lined- silky Interior coach creed- some pen marks Retailed USD $178 Condition: very good used condition, some minor wear from use, but everything is intact, and in working condition, no rips, no holes, and no smells. Great for Date Night! Can carry all your small essentials- makeup, wallet, keys, & cell phone too.

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