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Handbag Swapping Guide


The following guide is designed to help make your swap successful, if you have any ideas to help other ‘swappers’,
please let us know.

  • Please take time to know and understand our site. Use the forum to build up a rapport with other users. Share your swap stories for inspiration. You CAN obtain your dream bag, remember the paperclip story, you don’t have to stop after one swap. Be patient and shrewd, you CAN get the bag you’ve always wanted.
  • BEWARE! Copies are illegal and are banned from this site! ‘Copy’, ‘replica’, ‘seconds’, ‘fakes’ - they all amount to the same thing – COUNTERFEIT. Counterfeit goods are illegal and will not be tolerated on this site. Quite often people buying counterfeit goods don’t think they’re doing anything wrong, what difference does one bag make? Please be clear, not only are counterfeits a drain on the economy, organised criminals are often behind the manufacture of such goods - with links to drugs, terrorism, child labour and people trafficking - don't help them by buying counterfeit goods. Please see our ‘FAQ’s’ for further information.
  • Be honest when listing your bag. A genuine swap is a happy swap.
  • Unfortunately many people are ‘duped’ into buying or receiving counterfeit bags. If you have bought or received your bag via an auction site or any method whereby you are not 100% certain of its authenticity, please don’t list your bag before checking it is genuine. Consider contacting the company/manufacturer or taking the bag to a shop for validation.
  • Please read our helpful Handbag Descriptions when listing your bag. The correct description will help steer potential ‘swap buddies’ in your direction.
  • Give a detailed description of your bag. Your bag title will appear with your first photograph on the ‘view bags’ page, so please keep it clear and concise. Include the measurements of your bag, areas of wear and tear and any distinctive markings. Make a clear note of any damage. Does the photo show the true colour of the bag? If not, try to describe the colour by using a comparison.
  • Do not mislead or deceive other users when describing your bag. Some users may do this unintentionally so think carefully and check your description thoroughly before continuing your listing. As an example the high street retailer ‘Next’ sold a bag very similar in style to that of the ‘Roxanne’ by Mulberry. In this example the description should be 100% clear that the bag is from Next and not Mulberry.
  • Read descriptions carefully when considering a swap. Look out for descriptions such as ‘inspired by’ or ‘in the style of’. These bags are not necessarily counterfeit, as shown by the example above, however don’t be misled into thinking that they’re ‘high end’ designer bags.
  • Remember to show your bag in the best light. Take a good photo. The first picture you upload will appear on the ‘view bags’ page. A minimum of one photo is required although we recommend using the maximum of four photos to show every aspect of your bag. It’s a good idea to fill your bag out first to show how the bag realistically looks when in use. Keep the background as clear as possible you don’t want anything to detract attention from the bag itself. Take photos from different angles showing any distinctive areas. Don’t forget the interior.
  • Potential ‘swap buddies’ need to know what type of bag you would consider swapping for. Please indicate the type of swap you would like when listing your bag. You have a choice of three options. You may wish to consider any bag, alternatively you might be looking for a specific style or brand. The third option is for those looking for a particular bag.
  • Before listing your bag you will be required to accept the terms and conditions of this site. Please ensure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions before you accept.
  • All payments are accepted via Paypal, which is a quick and safe way to pay. All communication with Paypal is encrytped and we do not store any of your card details. If you have a credit or debit card you do not need a PAYPAL account to pay via this method.
  • All visitors can view the selection of bags listed however to contact an owner or swap a bag you must first list your own bag, you will need to register in order to do this.
  • If you see a bag you like contact the owner – don’t be afraid of rejection – it happens to us all! Remember if you don’t ask, you don’t get. However approaching the owner of a Mulberry Bayswater with the offer of a Primark bag is JUST PLAIN CHEEKY, in the event of that miracle swap occurring we would love to hear about it!!!!!!!
  • In order to contact the owner of a bag you must first suggest a swap. This enables the exchange of e-mail addresses between you and the bag owner. You can then ask questions about the bags via e-mail. You are then given the option of Accepting or Declining the swap.
  • In every great relationship good communication is an absolute must! “Is your bag genuine?” deserves an honest answer, just as much as “does my bum look big in this?” Be honest and true about your bag, we deserve it! Be sure to ask each other as many questions as you feel necessary before agreeing to a swap, you can only see so much from a picture. Will the colour of the bag match your favourite shoes?
  • Do your homework, particularly when swapping expensive designer bags. Look for customary markings or stamps. Ask questions such as do you have an authenticity card or receipt of purchase? Where did you buy the bag?
  • Examine pictures carefully, are they generic photographs from advertisements? Consider asking for further photographs, perhaps with the owner holding the bag.
  • Do you live in the same area? Can you meet to show your bags? If so please take precautions, take someone with you and meet in a public place. BEWARE of disclosing your full address to anyone. Please note the address you used for registration will be passed to your swap buddy automatically by e-mail once a swap has been agreed.
  • Check the swapping history and feedback of any potential ‘swapping buddies’. Check their history carefully. If someone has listed large quantities of the same bag, proceed with caution.
  • Once you’ve agreed a swap, agree via email HOW you will post your bags. Always post your bags by Special Delivery or any other method that allows tracking.
  • Agree on a swap DATE via email, and post your bags on the same day.
  • Make ALL agreements via email before you make the exchange. Print copies or save ALL of the written communication between you until such time that the swap has been completed to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • Remember we do not accept any responsibility for any bags not received or lost in the post, and are unable to make users swap back after an exchange has been made.
  • Be 100% sure about the swap before committing, by clicking the ‘Accept Swap’ button you are committed to the swap. Suggesting a swap does not commit you to the swap, you will get another chance to accept or decline once you have asked questions before the swap is confirmed.
  • Make sure your bag is clean and dust free before posting. Wrap it carefully to ensure it arrives in the condition in which it left.
  • Do you live in the same area? Can you meet to exchange bags? As already stated, please take every precaution when using this method. BEWARE of disclosing your full address to anyone! Please note the address you used for registration will be passed to your swap buddy automatically by e-mail once a swap has been agreed.
  • Pack bags carefully, be aware of shipping agreements and any customs charges.
  • Always leave feedback. Your opinion helps other users to complete successful swaps. Please be reasonable when leaving feedback, don’t leave bad feedback unfairly.
  • You will not need to re-register once your swap is completed. However unless you have another bag listed your user status will be restricted and your access to the bag listings will revert to viewing only.
  • If you see a listing violating the terms and conditions of this site, please let us know immediately.
  • Report any problems to us. We will mediate in the event of any dispute. We may suggest reversing a swap if we feel it is appropriate however we cannot make customers swap back once an exchange has been made. If we feel any party has been dishonest or unreasonable we will not hesitate to ban them from the site and post their names in our ‘name and shame’ section. We reserve the right to pass personal details to the Police in cases where fraudulent activity is suspected. We will fully co-operate in any Police investigation instigated by any user.

Do all you can to make your swap a successful one!